Adapt confronted by weaknesses in Exam C

We got this wonderful thank you letter from Dan, who passed Exam C in June after his second try. Stories like Dan’s make us on the CA team excited to come to work knowing our efforts are having a profound impact!

Dear Coaching Actuaries,

I just passed Exam C, and I must give credit where credit is due. Coaching Actuaries and the ADAPT question bank were essential to my exam success. When I took MLC, I failed with a 2, and discovered ADAPT soon afterward. In six months I passed with a 7.

Exam C was much the same story. I thought I knew the material the first time around. C can trap you into thinking “Oh, I know this; I learned this in school;” et cetera. The first time taking C, I failed with a 2. My undoing was not knowing what I didn’t know. ADAPT confronted my weaknesses and cued me to work through them. I shored up my rough spots, sharpened my speed, and knocked out the final preliminary yesterday.

As I think this will be my “graduation” from Coaching Actuaries, I want to say Thank You. You are doing the actuarial community at-large a tremendous service by providing young students with teaching materials that will serve us as we grow into the profession.

Yours in Mathematics,