David & Goliath

Written by Evan LaRivière:

I want to be an actuary because it just seems like the best job in the world: Very great pay, wonderful job security, and, most importantly, the support of my continuing education. I absolutely ADORE the idea of never ending my improvement in mathematics. No matter what my disadvantage, I will always love the process of learning and exploring math. See, I am not a typical actuarial student, I am not naturally adept at numbers and mathematics. By nature, I am very talented in gymnastics, but I have to work twice as hard to be on par with the math student sitting next to me. Conquering this exam is not a measure of talent, but of discipline and focus. I cannot sit down and just study for 8 hours as many of my friends have delicately revealed in conversation. I am a very easily distracted human being.

EvanI have had repeated failure with the ACTEX study guide, many of the results they obtain, confuse me. The medium itself is not easily digested by my mind. However, in comes Coaching Actuaries.

The ease in which I can take quizzes and review my answers is extremely helpful. The videos are wonderful and extremely clear. When the solution or the videos still leave me without a clear answer, I can always turn to the forums and read through other student’s issues. Reading their thought process aids my own.

When studying or training for mathematics, it is incredibly important to be mindful of what is developing before your very eyes. Understanding how and why the techniques function as they do is incredibly important as to re-create them upon a later time. Once the techniques are developed then conceptual understanding will follow. It is also important to grasp the emotional feelings that mathematics inspire in an individual. This is a new aspect to me that I’d like to explore further. There is the cold, hard, empowering feelings of wielding this powerful tool. Likewise, there is the feeling of awe of sheer beauty that mathematics holds.

When I can master longer study sessions, the re-creation of the exam process is invaluable. It truly preps me for the real-deal. I have dumped many, many, many hours into Coaching Actuaries. If I am David, the exam is Goliath, and CA is my sling and stone.