Adapt for Exam S Released

Exam S, a new exam for the Casualty Actuarial Society, is replacing the requirements for Exam LC, Exam ST, and VEE Applied Statistical Methods. The CAS is including more material which is relevant to the work requirements of ACAS and FCAS actuaries. The exam covers Stochastic Processes, Survival Models (including limited Life Contingencies concepts), Statistics, General Linear Models (including Ordinary Least Squares) and Time Series.

Exam S is a multiple choice, four-hour exam. The first exam sitting is October 30th, 2015. If you have already passed ST or LC, you may not need to take S – please refer to the CAS Transition Rules.

Adapt for Exam S is now available. It has 992 question, which includes ST and LC questions that are relevant to the S syllabus as well as newly written questions. We plan on adding more questions and a formula sheet soon.