Becoming An Actuary

“And the winner of Math Olympiad 2007 is Shaza Shams!” Shaza Shams

The crowd erupted in thunderous applause as I stepped onto the stage to receive my trophy. This was the point in my life where I decided my career should definitely involve mathematics.

Hello everyone! My name is Shaza Shams and I am a full-time undergraduate student of math and economics who is pursuing her actuarial dream.

Today I decided to do a write-up for those individuals who are not sure whether the field of actuarial sciences is actually the right one for them. And in doing this I will share my own story where I will describe how I decided to become an actuary.

The first and foremost reason for choosing actuarial sciences as my career path is definitely my passion for mathematics. Although my interests include many subjects like economics and the three major sciences: physics, chemistry and biology; my favorite subject is and has always been mathematics. When I was a little younger, I would spend my free time doing ‘Mental Math’ questions or solving math puzzles and riddles. Even in class, when the math teacher used to announce a surprise ‘Mental Math’ test, I used to be overjoyed while the other classmates would just stare at me, thinking I had lost my mind. Unlike most of my classmates in school, I had never had issues with doing my math homework; I absolutely loved to do it.

Since the time I had completed my GCE Ordinary Level examinations, I knew I had to do something in the field of mathematics, but wasn’t sure exactly what it would be. I wanted to pursue a field which was unique and different from what others in my country seemed to be doing. Most people in my country who are interested in the field of mathematics did accounting, business management or received their Masters in mathematics. I wanted to do something different as well as challenging. One of the most attractive options which I came across during my research seemed to be actuarial science. I have heard from many people, including actuaries themselves, that to become an actuary you really have to work diligently and strive hard. This fact really motivated me to decide to take up actuarial science as this was exactly the kind of course I was looking for: captivating as well as requiring intellectually advanced mathematical skills.

In my opinion if you have the same passion for mathematics as I have, as well as an interest in finance and economics, you should definitely give actuarial science a try. If you combine this passion with sincere dedication and commitment, you will not only overcome any hurdles which come your way, but you will also be able to make a name for yourself in this field.

Hopefully, this blog helped you if you were in a quagmire as to whether you should choose actuarial sciences as a career path or not.

Best of luck to all of you! May you make the right decision and excel in whatever you decide to do!