Being the Best in the World

There can be a lot of routine at work. 20150701_StaffPortraits_16

But, for those who have been at their current job for awhile, recall where you were at 1 year or 3 years ago. Sure, you may spend a lot of time working on the same project, but make sure not to view your work as routine. Instead, view it as an opportunity to improve. Chances are, 3 years ago, you could not do what you did 1 year ago. And 1 year ago, you could not do what you’re doing today. That shows progress and success.

Are you the best in the world at what you do? If not, will you be? How can you become better? How good will you be in one year as you continue to grow? Keep progressing until you consider yourself remarkable.

For example, at our company, we are always trying to improve our videos. They are good and students like them, but they can always be better. Why not put in a little more effort and take the extra step to make them the best? That is something we focus on at Coaching Actuaries, taking a skill that we are good at, and becoming great.

Continue pursing what you’re doing and aiming to become better, but don’t be afraid to try new ideas either!