Adapt for CAS 5 now available

We have been planning to enter upper level actuarial exam for years. We are excited to announce that Adapt CAS 5 has been released! 20150701_StaffPortraits_16

While CAS 5 is not multiple-choice, many students have requested Adapt for upper level exams. The idea is Adapt’s adaptive testing tool can still give you questions based on your difficulty level. Like any new exam, it will take a little time for the question difficulty to be fine tuned. But, the earned level and question difficulty combination should provide you with questions that challenge but don’t overwhelm you.

Because this is a new venture into the upper level exams, we want to work together to optimize Adapt so it gives you the most value. You may give us feedback through the forums (content) or through support (everything else). Please, let us know your thoughts on what works, and what can be improved.

If you have not registered for CAS 5 Adapt, we have a SPECIAL OFFER: 45 days of CAS 5 Adapt for the price of 30 days!

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We wish you a strategic and thorough exam prep!