The key to packing light

For some school already started, and for others school is just around the corner! For those who are going back to school, or starting out in their first year, here are some class tips and advice on how to pack light and efficient for class! unnamed

Going around campus with a heavy backpack is always annoying, but also going to class and noticing you forgot your pencil is annoying. Always have a spare pen or pencil in your backpack, this way when you forgot your pencil case you have a backup. I personally think tablets are a good investment. Having one around with you is nice when the professors often refer to lecture slides.They’re not as heavy as a laptop and the screen is just right!

I always try to find or buy a PDF version of my textbook, and then I upload it to my tablet and bring that to class instead of a heavy textbook. Alternatively if there isn’t a PDF version then I take pictures of the sections that are being covered in class.

I always find it hard to focus in class if I am hungry. So, always carry one or two of your favorite granola bars or a piece of fruit as well as a small bottle of water!

Try to leave your phone at home if you can, or put it on “do not disturb mode” and put it in your bag.

Instead of having multiple notebooks for each class, try to keep notes to one or two 3-subject notebooks. Keep the classes you have on the same day in one notebook. To keeps my notes looking nice and pretty sometimes I copy the notes (usually really messy) on to a scrap blank piece of paper during class.

Then after class I recopy (this is also a good opportunity to re-learn and deeply understand that day’s lecture) on to my official class notebook.

Best of luck in the new school year, and remember never to give up!