Mixing Business with Mathematics

As much as it is important to be strong in mathematics and to be passing exams, it is just as important to be a practicing JoshuaYoungbusiness student as well. I attend the University of Hartford, and here we do not have an actuarial major, in fact it is just an actuarial minor, however, in my opinion I think it is stronger than majoring in actuarial science. While I learn the mathematical courses necessary to perform well and keep up with actuarial exams, I still take core business classes in order to be a well rounded member of the business community in my future. I think that it is very important to act as a business student, even when you are actively pursuing a strong mathematical education for the actuarial profession.

Being at the University of Hartford, I have some advantages that you cannot find in other locations. I am located in West Hartford, right in the insurance capital of the world. I cannot think of a better place to be an insurance and finance major with an actuarial science minor. Another advantage is only minoring in actuarial science because my general business knowledge is very spread out, just like the job of an actuary in an insurance company. Top that off with an excellent business school (The Barney School of Business), a school that brings in ions of connections and focuses on making a student career ready, with the motto of making student Competent, Confident, and Connected and I am set up for success in finding internships and jobs, in fact I already have an actuarial internship set up for next summer at one of my top choices.

I would say it is important for actuarial students to be strong business students as well, whether it be interviewing, making connections, or simply eating lunch with someone new. Try to be a part of business clubs, especially as a part of the executive board. It looks great on the resume and also helps to make connections. Just remember, you may be a strong math major or a business major, but no matter who you are, if you are an actuary you are working in a business.

What are your thoughts on getting an MBA as an actuary?