MLC Adapt Improvements for the May 2016 exam

We’re actively working on improving MLC Adapt for those taking the exam next May:
  • Video solutions for Fall 2015 exam have been created.
  • Adapt topic weight has been revised to be consistent with the Spring 2016 syllabus.
  • New questions on the new pension topics have been authored.
  • All five sets of written-answer practice exams have been revised to be consistent with the latest style, wording, points, and coverage. Video solutions for these exams have been created as well.
Coming soon:
  • All written-answer questions by topic, as well as multiple-choice questions will be reviewed and updated.

For those of you not yet sure if you’re taking it in May, you can try out our new MLC Adapt Unlimited subscription. Its an unlimited subscription that you keep until you pass the exam.