How Coaching Actuaries Helps Me

There are multiple ways in which I use Coaching Actuaries to prepare for success on the actuarial exams. I start out by using the premade excel sheet provided to plug in my target dates for when I plan on finishing the material. Since I am so busy with school and sometimes fall behind my planned schedule, I make one excel sheet for my target exam sitting, and then one for the next soonest possible date, just in case I fall behind. Now is where I get to the good part.

Being at Joshua Younga school with a smaller actuarial science program that only provides a minor rather than a full major, the classes do not quite prepare you for the exams like some of the bigger schools. In the end, the majority of learning the material is up to me. Now that I have my schedule all made up, I will proceed to setting up the next couple of weeks in my head. Checking which sections I have to do and how long they should take. That way I map out my short I like to purchase the video lessons because my library has a copy of the ASM manuals for each of the first four exams. I like to use the book in general, but when I cannot quite read something to learn, I use the video lessons. Essentially, when the section is more complicate than the easier sections.

The way I have been using the manual for the FM exam has been to first read the material on a section, and then do the practice problems at the end of the section. What really helps my style of studying is that on the excel study schedule, each section is split up per video lesson and section in the manual. Coaching Actuaries really works to mix together all their different assets so that they blend together in a really beneficial manner. After I finish the section in the book, I start to use the video lessons.

Once I have finished a section in the manual, I like to use the brand new FM review videos. With that, I get a quick refresher of what I just learned in order to reinforce the material. If by then I am not yet confident in the material, I will watch the in depth video lessons. With all of these different resources teaching me the same material in different ways, there are no sections that I cannot figure out. It is such an in depth way to learn the material that nothing will get by me. By doing this in each section, I will have the material down extremely well. All that is left is to bang out a whole lot of practice problems for around a month and I am set up extremely well to succeed with flying colors on the exam.

What I have just explained is my strategy to nail these difficult exams. Obviously, different study plans work for different people. What I am really curious about is what works for other people. I think that by assimilating other people’s strategies into your own, you can learn a lot of new tips and tricks and make the best study guide possible. Comment some of your own strategies in the comments!