Make sure you’re prepared with Review C #CANEW

I still have those dreams where I show up to high school calculus and its finals and I realize I hadn’t studied or even been to class. I start to panic and eventually wake up all sweaty and stressed.

Our goal at Coaching Actuaries is for you to have the complete opposite experience. We want you to feel confident – even over-prepared! – for the exam. Being confident helps you manage your time better and allows you to creatively solve unexpected or tricky questions. Being confident also means less stress and less sweat.

You know that feeling when hen you’re stressed out during the exam. Its terrible. Its what I call having “smoke in the cockpit”. You stop seeing clearly and start trying to plow through questions without really thinking straight.

Review C is Coach K’s new video course specifically designed to help you become confident in the testable subjects for Exam C. He “clears the smoke” by simplifying complex concepts and teaching you to confidently solve problems. He covers the major concepts and topics, shares tips and shortcuts, and, of course, works example problems.

Here’s an example video of Method of Moments:

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