Phone Interview Tips!

EuniceSooner or later in your career path you may come across an employer who will ask you for a phone interview! Don’t think it’s any easier than a regular interview!

You may have multiple phone calls during the interview process; this is their way to assess your speaking abilities, presentation skills and business acumens.

You may have a call with:

HR department. Usually here they will ask a set of pre-determined set of questions about your professional background

Hiring Manager: background is discussed here, but usually more of a technical call than with the HR. You may also learn more about the job and the team you will be working with.

Conference call: here you will be put in to a call with multiple people (hiring manager, team member etc.) – expect questions from both parties technical and background related.


When preparing for the phone interview remember:


Find a quite space

Check for good reception

Vocal tone:   

Speak with enthusiasm and dynamic vocal inflection (remember they cant see your expressions! So show it with your voice!)

Speak clearly and enunciate

Make sure you are heard, but do not shout

Make notes:

Keep a pen and paper on hand to jot down notes!

(They may ask you to solve a question during the phone call)

Prepare your questions to ask beforehand

You can also write out answers to sample questions you think you may have trouble with

Keep a copy of your resume beside you.


Speak concisely and professionally

Try to respond completely to questions, but do not ramble!


During the call: Frame your past experience in a positive light. Avoid naming a specific number on salary, as this is something that can be discussed later.

At the end of the call: Thank your interviewer for taking the time to speak with you and express your interest in the position. If appropriate, ask what the next steps in the process are.

After the call: call or email your recruiter and let them know how the call went, your thoughts on the positions. Discuss any concerns or hesitations you may have about the position.