Why you need a Team of Actuarial Coaches

Some of your Actuarial Coaching Team
Some of your Actuarial Coaching Team

Today we had the joy of having two of our Coaches in the office, Abe Weishaus, PhD, FSA, CFA, MAAA, and Tim Huffman, PhD.

Both are actuarial experts and great teachers. But if you look at our exam pages, like MFE for Abe or P for Tim, you’ll notice they aren’t the only faces there. At the bottom of each page you see a bunch of pictures. This is the team of coaches and player coaches for that exam. Let me tell you why that is important:

On the wall on the Coaching Actuaries break room
On the wall on the Coaching Actuaries break room

Here at CA we’re all about TEAM. Even our company values are centered around our primary value of Teamwork, which is written on the wall in our lunchroom. Lots of companies talk about teamwork, but its another thing to live it out. Usually it seems just easier and faster to do it yourself without having to work with someone else. Sometimes it is faster to do it by yourself, but you’ll often hear people on our team repeat this proverb:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

And we see it working: it would be impossible to put together 118 hours of video content for Exam FM (video lessons, solutions, and review videos) without a team approach.

A lot of exam preparation material is written by one expert. We do it differently because we know that you the student get the best value by having a team of coaches on your side guiding you toward success. Here’s why:

  1. More Perspectives
    Having a team means that you’ll get different perspectives, helping you learn better. For example, our MFE review videos taught by Tong Khon Teh, ASA, CFA, present another way to approach key concepts than is found in Abe’s MFE manual. You may find one or the other best for you, but either way you’ll benefit from the diversity of thought.
  2. More Quality
    The more eyes on something the better. We write and review and rewrite and review and rewrite some more. We gather everyone’s input on what would be the best way to teach or illustrate. And even after we’re done, we take in your input (you’re part of the team too!) to make it even better.
  3. More Availability
    Having a team is how we’re able to have multiple people answers your questions on the forums and through e-mail.
  4. More Content
    On a team there’s a variety of skills. This team of coaches, each with their own unique skill sets, helps us create a wide variety of learning material – such as manuals, Adapt problems, video solutions, review videos, and video lessons – for a diversity of exam topics.
  5. More Results
    The main goal of our team is helping you learn the material and pass the exam! We get so excited when we hear your positive feedback in how our coaches helped you reach your goal. Even with more people using Adapt, we consistently see that 90% of users at Earned Level 7 report on our surveys that they passed their exam!