Get To Work

Drew Philson

It was the beginning of the fall semester of my sophomore year. I had just read a blog about the best ways to get an actuarial internship. This was my dream! I was inspired. I was determined. I was going to get the big internship away from home I always dreamed of! The next few months I spent filling out online applications from nationally renowned insurance companies. I hadn’t even started studying for my first exam yet, but I thought since I had a really high GPA and was a college athlete, I’d have a chance. Boy was I wrong! The problem was that I only had the end goal in mind. I completely neglected the long process of hard work required to get me there. Long story short, I wasted countless hours of my precious time trying to get an opportunity of my dreams, when I hadn’t put in any of the time and effort required to get me there.

I knew I had to get to work. I realized that an internship my sophomore year was more than likely out of reach, but my dream wasn’t dead just yet. An opportunity the following summer was well within my grasp. The next semester and summer after I dedicated myself to putting in the work to make my dream a reality. Priority number one was passing my first actuary exam. Thanks to Coaching Actuaries and Adapt I surrounded myself with the best resources and tools available to get me there. I just had to put the time in.

Fast forward and thanks to countless hours of studying I passed exam P in July. Then, much like the year prior, I started applying to many of the same opportunities I had the year before. This time around I had all the success I could have dreamed of. Many of the same places I received rejection emails from the year prior were contacting me for phone interviews. Not only did passing an exam make me more appealing to employers, it also gave me the confidence I needed to know I belonged in the field.

Now, I have already accepted an internship of my dreams for this summer and am actively studying for my second exam. So, what is my best advice to the actuarial student looking for their dream opportunity? Ask yourself if you’ve put in the time required to receive the job you’ve been after. If you haven’t, then get to work.