New Group & Health products and Written Mock for Exam 5 #CANEW

At CA we often talk about things on our “bucket list” – things we want to do in life. A lot of times its related to travel or an experience.

Deschutes River, Oregon

Interesting story about bucket lists: A friend of my dad’s had on his bucket list to drink from the headwaters of the Deschutes River. He hiked there and accomplished his goal! He drank deeply… but got terribly stomach sick. Sometimes its risky pursuing things on your bucket list.

One big item on Coach K’s bucket list has been helping actuaries study for the upper level exams. Not only is that great news for all you moving on and up to those exams, its great for Coach K too because its a goal he could accomplish without risk of gastrointestinal distress.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve accomplished this bucket list goal of Coach K’s by offering Coaching Actuaries’ first complete preparation for an upper level track!

Group & Health Exams

Colin Condie, FSA, MBA
Group & Health Coach

We are excited to announce that Colin Condie, FSA, of The Actuarial Exam fame, has joined on as our Coach for the Group & Health track. We now offer products to learn, review, and practice the Core, Advanced, and Specialty exams.

One thing most students didn’t know was how MUCH material Condie offers. There’s nearly 140 hours of video lessons and solutions across the three exams! We’ve included counts on our pages, showing off the volume of material available. Our team has also been hard at working organizing and redesigning the material. We look forward to you trying it out!

CAS 5 Written Mock Exam

Last Fall we announced Adapt for CAS 5. CAS 5 is written answer, so it was a test to see how multiple choice questions could help people prepare for this upper level exam. Is CAS 5 Upper level? There is some difference in opinion on what are “Preliminary” or “Upper level” exams for the CAS track. Is Preliminary through Exam 6, when you can get an ACAS? Or only through C/4 as the CAS seems to indicate? Anyway, Exam 5 is pretty tough, so we’re excited to offer a full written mock exam in Printable PDF. Its included now in CAS Exam 5 Adapt.