Preparing for Actuarial Fellowship Exams

Our Company started as SALT Solutions in 1995. SALT’s first product was educational content and software for upper level actuarial exams. In the 2000’s, we transitioned to the lower level exams and exited the upper level exams. With the advent of Adapt, we changed our name to Coaching Actuaries starting a new focus on the lower level exams.  Now, with Adapt 7 years old, we are confident we’ve covered the lower level exams.  Coaching Actuaries is ready for a new challenge, reentering the upper level exams.

We started quietly by providing an Adapt product for exam CAS 5 last Fall. Now, we are taking a big step forward to partner with Colin Condie and providing exam prep for the Group & Health track. Colin has a passion for teaching actuaries how to pass these exams.

The obvious challenge entering the upper level exams is the exam style changes. Exams change from primarily multiple choice and numeric to short answer with combination of calculations and concept explanation. There is not a simple solution to this challenge. Each upper level exam is different and will require unique strategy to provide the best exam prep.

To make sure we navigate correctly, we’re adding two new senior level actuaries to “coach” us through the process. Mike Carmody, founder of JAM, and Keith Lo are joining our team giving us seasoned FSA’s who teach financial concepts well. Mike and Keith are currently focused on our CFA Exam prep business, which has content similar to the Quantitative Finance and Investment (QFI) Track.

Keith LoMike Carmody

Taking it one step at a time, this Fall our focus will be to 1. Improve our CAS 5 product 2. Improve the Group and Health products and 3. Introduce a product for the QFI track. We view preparing for any actuarial exam requires 3 key pillars. 1. Learn 2. Practice 3. Review. These 3 pillars will guide us to meet two objectives: 1. Provide top content to learn the material and prepare you for your exam 2. Reduce your time needed to prepare and pass.

I welcome your feedback as we turn a new and exciting chapter in the Coaching Actuaries story. Please leave a comment to this blog. I will read all comments and respond if needed. Thanks for letting us Raise Your Odds.