You’ve landed an internship, how do you stand out?

EuniceThis is the opportunity for you to hone your skills, build resumes, network with professionals, and increase chances for a second internship or even a full time position! Use this opportunity as a way to start developing yourself as a professional who delivers quality work. It could lead to recommendations, business relationships and more!

  1. Do your homework before your first day

You probably did some research on the company while preparing for your interview, but do so again just to refresh your mind! Being prepared will make you feel more confident going in on the first day. Start your day with the general understanding of the industry, its buzzwords, the company, and your boss. This will give your confidence and make you sound more knowledgeable.

  1. Treat the internship like a real job

If you want the employer to take you seriously, you need to take the job seriously. Remember that your work will have an impact on the organization. You’re learning in an active, real-world environment, so your contributions (and your mistakes) affect other people.

  1. Have a backup outfit in your desk drawer

Always have a tie or pair of heels at your desk because you never know when you need to make a last minute outfit change for a meeting or work event. You can always change to your work shoes at work.

  1. Be flexible

People and organizations have different thinking and communication styles and various ways of doing things. If you can learn to be adaptive, you’ll broaden your opportunities!

       5. Keep tabs on your accomplishment

For the benefit of future job applications, immediately begin keeping track of specific facts and figures about your performance. Your record will impress future potential employers.

       6. Challenge yourself

Try to challenge yourself by doing something you have never done before. Kahn says. “Utilize your coworkers and bosses to learn and develop your industry skills. These skills will enrich your professional portfolio, making you more appealing to future employers.”

        7. Ask for feedback

As an intern, you may not have a formal review until the end of the summer, so it’s important to ask for feedback on a regular basis. This shows the employer you’re taking initiative and willing to make the changes necessary in order to succeed. Feedback will also start uncovering your strengths and what you need to improve on.

  1. Practice good time management

Interns have a lot on their plates, so it’s important to be organized. Be careful not to take on too much and to let someone know if you can’t complete a project by the deadline.

  1. Socialize (with a filter)

Since you’re treating this position like a permanent job, you’ll want to take the time to get to know your new colleagues. It’s great for interns to know one another but be careful of the amount of personal information you share and how you behave while socializing!