Coaching Actuaries’ plan for SOA and CAS changes

Major changes are coming for students preparing for Associate designations from the CAS or SOA.

CAS Changes

Earlier, the CAS announced their new exam S. There is still a small window where students can avoid taking exam S by taking the Applied Stats VEE course. The deadline for passing Applied Stats is August 31, 2016. Details are found in the transition rules on the CAS website. In January 2016, we introduced our Applied Stats VEE course along with our other VEE courses. You may find more information at our web site.

SOA Changes

The largest change was announced by the SOA late June. In short, the SOA is “reshuffling” many of their exams and adding two new exams. The planned effective date for the changes is July 1, 2018. The good news is that gives everyone sufficient time to adapt to these changes. The Coaching Actuaries team is busy preparing you for these changes. Here are our 3 key strategies to prepare you for the changes:

1. Mike Carmody – Product Director

Mike Carmody, FSA, MAAA, CFA is now our new Product Team Lead. Mike has been part of our company from the beginning in 1995. As most of you know, Mike is the “JAM guy” who revolutionized actuarial exams with his Just Actuarial Materials. Recently, Mike has been our teaching instructor for our CFA exams. Mike will set a high standard for our products always asking how can they serve our customers better. He has created actuarial content since the mid 1990’s and has experience navigating through educational changes.

Mike’s first change is organizing our actuarial staff by product. He has assigned a product manager for each exam who is responsible to providing the best actuarial content for each of your exams. Here is our actuarial Product Managers. Each Product Manager has a team of actuaries to work with.

  • Tong Teh, ASA, CFA: Exams FM, MFE, MLC, Group/Health, and Adapt In Class
  • Terence Chow, ASA: Exams P and C
  • Benjamin Kester, FSA: Exams S and CAS 5
  • Keith Lo, FSA: VEE and our CFA Exams
  • Dave Kester, FSA, MAAA: Actuarial Professional Development

2. Upgraded P and MFE Video Lessons

We are providing major improvements to our P and MFE Video Lessons. I’m so excited about these new videos, I wrote a separate blog with the details.

3. Detailed Roadmap for the SOA changes

Between now and July 1, 2018, you will need to make decisions in light of these new changes, particularly the SOA planned changes. Our own Felicia Lai has written a blog post detailing these changes so you can be prepared. You can read her first post on this topic here

I have seen many changes in my 30+ year actuarial career. Changes bring challenges, but they also create opportunities. We want to seize those opportunities, and we’re here to help you do the same.