Updated P & MFE Video Lessons Coming Soon

After each exam, we ask you, our customers, what you like about our products and, more importantly, what suggestions you have for improvement. As always, thank you to those who complete our surveys. Your valuable feedback helps us learn how to serve you better. Many of the suggestions are relatively minor, perhaps one topic is a bit under-weighted in Adapt.

Sometimes, however, the feedback requires major effort. Two examples are the need to improve our P and MFE Video Lessons. For both of these exams, we didn’t think a simple upgrade was sufficient. Rather, we decided to create brand new Video Lessons. So, two of our main projects for 2016 are creating new P and MFE Video Lessons. Let’s take a sneak peak at both:

New P Video Lessons

The concern with our current P video lessons is that they are too brief. Also, they didn’t follow our P Manual as closely as some preferred. So, we are creating a more thorough coverage of P with more examples, and we are closely following our P Manual. Our customers have given strong positive feedback on our FM Video Lessons. So, I am the instructor for our P Video Lessons to provide continuity between the two exams. Here is a schedule of when we anticipate releasing these videos. Note that the large gap between the first two and last two releases is to avoid releasing new videos too close to the Sep and Nov P sittings and disrupting crucial “crunch time”.

Section Target Release Date
General Probability 8/5/16
Univariate Probability Distributions 8/26/16
Multivariate Probability Distributions 11/18/16
Insurance and Risk Management 11/18/16


Take a look at the difference between the old videos and the new.







Learn more about our P Video Lessons here.


New MFE Video Lessons

The main concern with our current MFE Video Lessons is the technical quality. So, we had our current instructor, Abraham Weishaus, recreate the Video Lessons in our home office video studio to produce a stunning MFE course. The goal is these new videos can be used by students preparing for the November 2016 exam. Here is the schedule when we anticipate releasing the MFE videos:

Topic Target Release Date
Put-Call Parity Now
Comparing Options Now
Binomial Trees Now
Modeling Stock Prices  with the Lognormal Distribution Now
Fitting Stock Prices to a Lognormal Distribution Now
The Black-Scholes Formula Now
Option Greeks 9/10/16
Volatility and Miscellaneous 9/10/16
Asian, Barrier, and Compound Options 9/17/16
Market-making and Delta-Hedging 9/24/16
All-or-nothing, Gap, Exchange, Other Exotic Options 9/24/16
Monte Carlo Valuation 10/1/16
Interest Rate Model: Black Formula 10/8/16
Interest Rate Model: Binomial Tree Models for Interest Rates 10/15/16


Note that because creating stunning videos require huge investments, we will not be creating new videos for topics that would no longer be tested on the new syllabus starting Summer 2017. These topics include Brownian Motion and Continuous Interest Rate Models. Students studying for the current syllabus will have access to the current videos that cover these topics.

Check out the difference between the old and new videos.







Learn more about our MFE video lessons here.

We are excited to share our new videos with you and anticipate your feedback.