July 2016 MFE Survey Results

The MFE July exam is over. For the first time, we received over 500 survey responses to our post-exam survey! We sincerely appreciate the time and effort survey respondents spent to provide our team with invaluable feedback. Every bit of feedback helps us to improve our products and better serve our users.

Based on survey results, 91% of the respondents with an Earned Level (EL) of 7 or above passed the exam. In addition, 87% of those with an EL between 4 – 6 passed the exam, while 67% with an EL lower than 4 passed the exam. Congratulations to all our users who passed the exam! If you didn’t pass, please don’t be discouraged – our MFE team is here to help you to get through this exam in your next attempt!

Here’s what survey respondents are saying about our MFE products:

  • “Coaching Actuaries is simply a game changer. Excellent review videos, a perfect formula sheet, a resourceful manual and a powerful tool such as the adapt is enough for you to breeze through the Actuarial Exam” – Azhar, Pakistan
  • “The Adapt exams were extremely useful in preparing me for exam-style questions and in creating an exam-like environment with limited time. After completing several Adapt exams, when I sat for the real MFE exam, I was calm and collected, and the questions seemed easy. I had no doubt that I was going to pass before I was halfway through the exam.” – Nathan, Tennessee
  • “Without ADAPT, I wouldn’t have been able to pass MFE because with the questions ADAPT provides, I was very prepared for the exam.” – Parth, USA
  • “Seeing my EL increase after practice tests was a constant motivator. Reaching level 7 was an enormous confidence boost. During my test I was 100% confident I would pass.” – Will, USA
  • “Coaching Actuaries is why I passed. I only earned level 6.5 but my exam was easier than the Adapt practice exams I’d been taking for months. I feel that Adapt prepared me well for my exam. ” – Daniel, USA

We reviewed the feedback from the survey, and plan to make the following improvements for the November 2016 sitting:

  • Add more conceptual questions.
  • Add more exam-level problems to certain topics.
  • Adjust topic weights.
  • Revise question difficulty.
  • Improve video lesson quality. More details on this can be found here.
  • Add more examples to our review videos.

If you have any questions regarding our MFE products or MFE preparation in general, feel free to contact our MFE manager Tong Teh at tteh@coachingactuaries.com. We are here to help!