We’ve Upgraded Our Platform! See What’s New.

When we first launched Coaching Actuaries, we had no idea how popular it would be for students preparing for their exams. But each year, we’ve grown at a tremendous rate. One reason is because we strive to create the best user experience possible. We don’t want you to struggle finding what you’re wanting (we think actuarial exams are hard enough as it is). So now, with over 1.5 million practice exams taken, we think it’s time for an upgrade.

Today we launched a brand new dashboard and user interface for Coaching Actuaries students. We’ve designed this new dashboard based on our customers feedback and our research.  The goal is to improve your study experience.

See What’s New:

New Mobile-Friendly Dashboard and User Interface

New Mobile Dashboard
Optimized for Tablets and Smartphones.


Adapt Question Discussions on Review Page

Click “Discuss” when reviewing a question to jump down to the Discussion.
Discuss Questions
Discuss practice questions immediately without going to the Discussion Forum.


Unified Learn/Practice Structure

New Quiz Layout
Generate Quizzes in the same section order as Video Lessons.


New Study Interface for Video Lessons

New Learn Layout
Navigate Video Lessons Easier.


Adjust Video Play Speed

Adjust Video Play Speed
Tailor our Video Lessons to your study needs.


Streamlined Discussion Forum

New Discussion Forums Layout
Open discussion across all exams without sorting through Adapt Question Discussions.

Throughout the conversion process, our biggest priority was making the transition to the new platform as seamless as possible for our users. This includes making sure all your account history, past exam data, and your Earned Level has been transferred to our new dashboard. However, you might have already noticed that some older features on our previous platform did not make the transition. The Leaderboard, for example, was not moved to our new dashboard (you can easily view your Earned Level when you go to Adapt). Additionally, Discussion Forum email notifications have ceased. You can see your forum notifications when you log in. Finally, the Coach Recommends feature is currently unavailable while we work on improving its functionality.

When you input a student discount code, you'll be prompted to verify your enrollment
When you input a student discount code, you’ll be prompted to verify your enrollment.

If you’re a current student that will start preparing for another exam soon, please note that student discounts are applied differently than they were before. On the new platform, you are able to use any email address and simply enter a student discount code during the checkout process. You’ll be prompted to verify your enrollment by uploading a picture of either your student ID or a copy of your student schedule that includes your name and semester. Once you’ve uploaded your verification, you’ll be able to check out and access your account while we review your information.

This upgrade is just the first step. With our new platform, we’ll be able to develop new features to help you study even more efficiently.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to create the best possible experience for you and other actuarial students. Please contact us at support@coachingactuaries.com for any questions.