A look at the new Section Report

Update on New Coaching Actuaries Experience and Section Review

You may have noticed that we’ve made several changes recently. The goal, of course, is to improve your test prep experience. With our new platform being live for over a month now and other changes being made along the way, I thought it would be good to provide an update on our changes.

First, we are in the process of creating new and improved video lessons for P and MFE. You may review this blog to learn more.

Our biggest change is recently launching our new user platform. We have learned a lot in the last several years regarding building a platform that is easy to use and provides the functionality needed. Rather than modifying the existing platform, we thought it was time to build from the ground up. It’s kind of like a growing family that updates a house. At some point, it is time to build a new house to meet the needs of the growing family. That’s what we did. Here is a summary of our progress:

Updated Design

The first change you likely noticed is the updated design. In order to study effectively, we think it’s important that the look and feel for the website creates the optimal learning atmosphere. So, we made tremendous efforts to create that perfect feel. While students have praised the aesthetics and feel of the new experience, they’ve been especially excited by the new features, such as:

Easy Discussions

One key to our Coaching Actuaries philosophy is to engage with you, the student. Our discussion forum is the primary method for that communication. Therefore, making the forums easier for you to access was one of our top priorities. Thus, discussions now appear on the Adapt question review page, making it easier to see what other students are asking about each practice problem and the helpful hints provided by our coaches.

We also opened up our exam discussion forums to all students. We encourage you to review previous exams to assist other students, and to look ahead at future exams to start preparing.

Making our discussions easier and open has encouraged more students to join the conversation. Student participation in the forums for September 2016 increased 55% compared to participation during September 2015. If you haven’t yet posted in the discussion forums, it’s now easier than ever.

More Video Options

We’ve upgraded our video player to include options such as selecting the quality (up to HD 1080p) and adjusting the play speed. We’ve already received positive feedback from students’ ability to increase or decrease the video lesson’s speed to match their learning pace.

Adapt in Class Interface

For those using Adapt in their college courses, our new Adapt in Class interface makes it easier to complete and track assignments. We’ve also improved the options for professors to create a wider variety of assignments. Learn more about Adapt in Class.

Section Review is now Section Report

In order to have a timely release of the new platform, we couldn’t include all the features at launch. The main feature not included in the initial release was Section Review. We know several students were disappointed that it was not included. At the time we were preparing for launch, we didn’t think the previous Section Review was optimal. Instead, we rethought its purpose and expanded upon its functionality. We are now excited to announce a new feature we call the Section Report.

Section Report
Section Report organizes your quiz and exam answers

The Section Report organizes all your answers from quizzes and exams in one location, showing the number and percentage of correct answers for each exam section. Rather than a static feedback, we wanted to make it dynamic so you can choose the information that matters most to you. We accomplished this by providing filter options that let you narrow your results to the details that matters to you, so you can best identify the areas you should focus your studies. For example, previously you would provide feedback on all tests and quizzes created, even if they were from a year ago. Now, you have options to choose the time period. Thus, you can see your performance from only the last 30 days, which likely is a better measurement than all of your results.

Filters narrow down your results

Future Changes

There are other features we did not include in the new platform that we are reviewing. These features include the Leaderboard and Coach Recommends. Like Section Review, we did not think the previous versions of these features were optimal. So, rather than simply recreate previous functionality, we are researching the best option to benefit our users in the long term. Building features like these require quite a bit of time, so changes going forward will likely be gradual.  

I know change is rarely easy and we changed quite a bit. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this change. We’re excited for what our new platform has already done to help our students study efficiently and effectively. Thanks to your feedback, we’re continuing to move forward with more innovations in the future.