Coaching Actuaries' Coach Kester (left), with DePaul University Professor and Executive Director of Fred Arditti Center for Risk Management Tom Edwalds (right)

We Went to the MASC 2016 – Join Us Next Time!

Coaching Actuaries was proud to be a sponsor of last week’s Midwest Actuarial Student Conference at DePaul University in Chicago! The turnout was fantastic, and we got to meet many of our wonderful customers and many other future actuaries. If you’ve never been to the conference or another like it before, here are three reasons why you should consider going next time:

CAS at Midwest Actuarial Student Conference 2016Get a bigger picture of the actuarial career.

Many of the attending students are pursuing an actuarial career from a small school, or a large school without a strong actuarial science program. This conference is a strategic option for these students to get a bigger look at the field. Discuss the latest plans from the SOA and CAS. Listen to industry experts give their advice on beginning an actuarial career. Connect with me and others from Coaching Actuaries in person for tips and resources to pass the exams. (We ran out of free formula sheets within the first few hours!)

Students at Coaching Actuaries MASC 2016 boothNetwork within the industry.

It’s easy to socialize with friends you came with. But hopefully, students at events like the Midwest Actuarial Student Conference took advantage of the wonderful networking opportunities. Take initiative in being interested in other colleagues, and you’ll start connections and see the benefits of networking firsthand. Connections lead to opportunities, and opportunities lead to a rich career.

One of the winners of our CA T-shirt giveaway contest at MASC 2016Feel like a part of the actuarial field and the Coaching Actuaries community.

Sure, our customers enjoy our products, learn from our tools, and are highly successful passing exams. But the best characteristic of our customers is that they feel like part of the community we’ve created at Coaching Actuaries. This community exists because we develop an online system that is inviting, create content that is clear, and provide support that is second to none. We enjoyed hearing from several students who visited our booth to express their appreciation for our products and services. But, the more common scenario is students wildly excited to meet us and to tell us their story. Each story is precious. There are a lot of wonderful actuarial companies helping actuaries. I’m thankful to be part of a team that strives for excellence, gives students the skills and confidence to succeed, and changes people’s’ lives.

Thanks again to everyone we met at the conference, and I hope we meet even more students next year!