Coaching Actuaries FM Manual

Learn the Essentials of Exam FM with the New Coaching Actuaries FM Manual!

We’re excited to release our latest product for Exam FM, the Coaching Actuaries FM Manual! With content written for the FM syllabus change coming this summer, our new manual is designed help you master the exam material efficiently and effectively. Here’s what makes our FM Manual unique:

Fully Online Format

Our FM Manual is entirely online, so no matter what device you prefer to use when studying, our manual’s display will be tailored to fit your screen. If you like to study on the go using your smartphone or tablet, this tool gives you all you need to know to pass Exam FM without carrying around a 1000-page textbook. As an added bonus, the online format saves you the costs of printing and shipping, and lets us be environment-friendly.

Dynamic Content

The online format allows our FM Manual to be a dynamic, “living” manual, meaning the material you see is always current. If the FM exam syllabus changes, the content of our manual will be updated accordingly. There won’t be a need for new editions or extra errata. All the material you need to learn to pass Exam FM is always right there in one platform.

Exam-Focused Material

When you’re studying for an exam, you need clear, concise content so you can focus on what you need to know to pass. That’s what the Coaching Actuaries FM Manual provides. Our manual gets straight to the point of each topic, so you can dedicate your studying on the essentials. If you’re struggling to understand a concept, our corresponding Video Lessons go into more depth on each topic.

Our Exam FM team has been working diligently to create the best possible experience for you and other FM students, and we believe our new Coaching Actuaries FM Manual will help you master the material so you can go into the exam with the Confidence to Pass. If you have questions about the manual or want to tell us about your experience with it, please tell us in our Exam FM Discussion Forums or contact us at