The July 2017 MFE survey results are in. Here’s how users felt about the new MFE.

The MFE July exam is over. So far, we received over 300 survey responses. We appreciate the time and effort survey respondents spent to provide our team with invaluable feedback. Every bit of feedback helps us to improve our products and better serve our users.

The MFE July exam was the first to use MFE’s new syllabus. While pass results have not yet been released by the SOA, we asked our users which Adapt level they thought was closest to the difficulty of the actual exam. Overall, the majority of the respondents thought that the actual exam was between a level 4 – 6. Here’s the breakdown of the results:

Adapt Level


1 – 4 2.5%
4 – 6 61.8%
6 – 8 31.4%
8+ 4.2%

We also reviewed the feedback from the survey. Based on what our users said about the new MFE, we’ve made the following improvements for the November 2017 sitting:

  • Adjusted topic weights. We increased the weight on interest rate models and reduced the weight on option greeks, exotic options, and delta-hedging.
  • Added more exam-level problems. We added a total of 25 problems on lognormal stock prices and interest rate models. We also plan to add more problems on other topics before the November exam.

If you have any questions regarding our MFE products or MFE preparation in general, feel free to contact me at We are here to help!