How to Use CA Products to Prepare for Exam MLC

Thanks for choosing Coaching Actuaries to help prepare for Exam MLC! Below are a few recommendations on how to use our products.

Phase 1: Learn

  • To learn the material, read the online manual and/or watch the video lessons. Attempt the examples on your own even if you have seen the solution. Do your best to understand the concepts instead of just memorizing.
  • At the end of every subsection, work on a few practice problems before moving on. You can use Adapt quizzes to practice. Your goal is to do enough practice problems so that you become familiar with the concepts and don’t fall behind the study schedule.
  • Keep in mind that completing the manual is at most halfway to being exam-ready. You then need to deeply invest in solving practice problems. We recommend completing the Learn phase at least 45 days prior to the exam.

Phase 2: Practice

Most candidates do not have issues with the multiple-choice portion of MLC. Instead, most struggle with the written-answer questions. Thus, it is important to invest sufficient time in preparing for written-answer questions.

Adapt has many questions for you to practice on, both original and from previous exams. On your CA dashboard, under “Your Products,” click on “MLC – Adapt Written-Answer Questions.” On that page, you will find written-answer questions by topic as well as full-length original written-answer practice exams. You will also find the SOA past years’ written-answer questions, written solutions, as well as video solutions.

We recommend spending at least 45 days just on practicing. Practice answering both multiple-choice questions as well as written-answer questions, with more attention to the written-answer questions. See below for tips on how to conquer written-answer questions.