How to Use CA Products to Prepare for Exam IFM

Thanks for choosing Coaching Actuaries for Exam IFM! Below are a few recommendations on how to use our products.

Phase 1: Learn

  • To learn the material, read the online manual and/or watch the video lessons. Attempt the examples on your own even if you have seen the solution. Do your best to understand the underlying concepts instead of just memorizing solutions.
  • At the end of every subsection, work on a few practice problems before moving on. You can use Adapt quizzes to practice. Your goal is to do enough practice problems so that you are familiar with course concepts while sticking to your study schedule.
  • Keep in mind that completing the manual is at most halfway to being exam-ready. You then need to deeply invest in solving practice problems. We recommend completing the Learn Phase at least 30 days prior to the exam.

Phase 2: Practice & Review

We recommend spending at least 30 days just on practicing using Adapt. On your Adapt dashboard:

  1. You can let Adapt automatically generate the exam for you based on your Earned Level by clicking “Take Exam”.
  2. You can also create customized exams and choose whether you want to use SOA/CAS questions and choose the  difficulty level of the exam.

Treat the Adapt exams as the actual exam. Stick to the 3-hour time limit. Refrain from peeking at your formula sheet or notes. Use an SOA-approved calculator.

Afterwards, review your exam questions. If you did not get a problem right, review the Adapt solution for that problem. Understand why you did not get the problem right. After that, rework the problem. If you have questions about a specific problem or concept, use the discussion forum to ask questions. Our support team will respond to your questions.

Based on the results from your Adapt exams, identify topics you are weak in. Then, create quizzes to practice those topics.

We wish you all the best in your studies! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our IFM coaches on the forum.